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Every year the world’s top competition climbers gather to test themselves on the IFSC Climbing World Cup circuit. For these athletes climbing is not just a pastime it is a passion, a lifestyle, a motivating force that drives them to succeed. For months they travel the globe testing themselves against the devilish inventions of the World Cup routesetters with the goal of proving themselves the best in the World.

The Circuit talks to the climbers, the coaches, the routesetters about what makes them tick, where they’ve come from and what is their vision of the future. We also talk with some of the greatest outdoor climbers, asking what it takes to chase the cold, looking for the perfect line, the perfect problem and the perfect conditions.

I am a climbing photographer and writer based out of Sydney, Australia but originally from Auckland, New Zealand. For many years (since the day’s of Mountain magazine in the late 80’s early 90’s) I have been a passionate follower of competition climbing and the high performance climbing scene. I would buy all the issues of Climbing, Rock & Ice, On The Edge etc and hunt straight away for athlete profiles and comp reviews. Unfortunately due to the geographic spread of comp climbing English language publications would often be lacking the content I was after with only occasional articles on the climbers I aspired to emulate.

Now, many years later, and after travelling the World Cup Bouldering circuit as a freelance photographer, I have brought together a team with the aim of self publishing a biannual magazine called The Circuit, World Cup and Performance Climbing magazine.

The Circuit Sticker

The focus for the magazine will be on athlete profiles and reports on Competitions, with aditional interviews with legends of the sport and editorial content as well as interviews with strong outdoor climbers focusing on the contrasting lifestyle paths between the comp climbers and the outsiders.

The Circuit World Cup and Performance Climbing Magazine will be a coffee table quality collectible publication with high quality photography and feature articles and is designed with high repeat readability in mind.

This blog is designed so you can join us on our journey to publication, get regular updates on progress and see the birth of a new magazine up close and personal.

Eddie Fowke

August 2013

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  1. steve says:

    Good description of the concept behind the magazine. One thing I’d say though is it would be good if the blog had a few more entries. There hasn’t been an entry for 6 months now which can give the impression that maybe the project is dead and thus make people hesitant to go through the buying process.Even just the odd short post (like when issue 2 is likely to be out) would help.

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