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The ball is rolling!

So behind the scenes I’ve been working flat tack on The Circuit over the last week.

With my Web designer Dan Mackay, we’ve been forging towards having a working website that will fairly represent The Circuit and keep people excited about the high quality content we’ve got landing soon.
With Nina Gallo, a talented writer out of Sydney we’ve been throwing around ideas on interview structure and how best to format them once transcribed from audio to the written word. And behind it all I have been liaising with some of the athletes I still want to interview making sure that we can get the pieces on them written in a timely manner.

Oh, and I’ve been planning a trip to the Grampians (leaving tomorrow) where I will be spending my weekends climbing and photographing some of the world’s best boulderers before heading into Melbourne for the weeks to maintain my day job as a Quality Assessor. So not really hectic at all…

Business cards and stationary landing in the office.

Business cards and stationary landing in the office.

In my spare time (what spare time?) I’ve been working on the layout and looking at the current and anticipated content to ensure that the finished magazine has a cohesive feel. And photo editing. And climbing. And running. And Jetting to New Zealand to visit my sick Father…

I’m happy to report that the magazine is coming together nicely. All the elements are syncing and the test pages I’ve created are getting a great initial response from viewers. This is great as pouring your heart and soul into a project sometimes leaves you a bit blinkered and honest feedback really helps maintain perspective.

I have locked in the themes for the first two issues of the magazine.

Issue one deals with the origins and evolution of the sport and the way it’s changed the lives of the climbers out there chasing their dreams. Through insightful interviews with some of the greats behind the sport like Udo Newmann who co-authored Performance Rock Climbing 20 years ago and currently manages the German Bouldering World Cup team, and Jacky Godoffe, the master of the Bleausards, ex-competitor and current World Cup route setter we can see how the sport has evolved from the early competitions on chipped routes on natural rock through to the colourful, spectator friendly sport it is today.

Jacky Godoffe bouldering in the forest of Fontainebleau

Jacky Godoffe bouldering in the forest of Fontainebleau

Through interviews with some of the best climbers on The Circuit we also get the athlete’s perspective and their personal stories of where they came from and why climbing means so much to them.

Mina Markovic topping out in Log Dragomer

Mix this with some great photos, editorial articles and comp reports. Stir gently and what you’re left with is the first issue of The Circuit. Issue two also has a theme locked in but more about that in a later post.

A couple of notes to finish off this post. As I said in an earlier post my European correspondent Natalie is currently on a huge adventure travelling France, competing in the Lead comps and filming for an upcoming climbing movie. Well she now has a blog as well at http://natalieberry.wordpress.com/ make sure you check it out to follow her adventures.

John from CAC and Natalie our European correspondent repping CAC in Innsbruck

John from CAC and Natalie our European correspondent repping CAC in Innsbruck

Lastly thanks for the support you’ve shown through the blog and the new facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheCircuitClimbingMagazine

Please keep spreading the word, The Circuit is coming!


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