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Speedbumps and Mountains


Those who know me will be aware that I’ve been struggling to deal with some bad news since I landed back in Australia. While I was away my Dad went for some blood tests (which my parents get every 6 months) and the news wasn’t good. My Dad had cancer.

I knew something was up while I was in Europe but my folks were playing their cards close to their chests and it wasn’t until I got home I got the news.

So where does this leave the magazine? Well to be honest it doesn’t affect it at all, or shouldn’t at this stage. The project is rolling along nicely and I really hope to get the first issue out while my Dad is still here to enjoy it. In fact it really helps motivate me as for my whole life my Father has been my biggest hero and I means a massive amount to get it out for him to see.

I have been amazingly lucky to be brought up by parents who have aways believed in chasing your dreams and when I look back at the extraordinary life that they’ve shared  they’ve always gone for it. In fact theres another post that I’ll put on my eddiefowkephotography.com  blog at some stage soon talking about their adventures but needless to say they’ve always supported me in chasing my own dreams.

The doctors have only given my Father a few months before Pancreatic cancer takes him from us. It is already the toughest thing I’ve ever had to deal with and I know it will get harder… In the mean time I’m going to release a kick ass mag dedicated to a great man.1821_44869847282_6370_n 1821_44869902282_8867_n 45008_428234167282_6398700_n



  1. Abby says:

    Love going out to you Eddie, you are a splitting image of your Dad! The closest I ever got to meeting them was walking past your old house in CHCH the first regional event i did at the YMCA gym xxxx

  2. andyman4444 says:

    Amazing photo’s of your Dad!

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